Exam Gloves: Powder Free Latex

Powder free latex gloves are the most popular style of gloves at Quantum. Removing the powder from the glove removes much of the allergens associated with latex, which greatly reduces chance of developing a latex allergy. The powder in powdered latex gloves helps to easily don the gloves, making the process of getting your gloves on and off quick and easy.

Powder free latex gloves have the comfort associated with latex, with less risk of latex allergy. When the powder is removed from the gloves, much of the allergens associated with latex allergy are also removed.

There are two methods of manufacturing powder free latex gloves, chlorinating and polymer coating.

The most common method is chlorinating. This process begins with the manufacture of powdered gloves. After the gloves are made they are washed in a chlorine solution to remove the powder. The primary function of the chlorine is to make the glove surface slippery, making it easier for the user to don the gloves without adding powder.

Washing the glove also reduces the protein content, reducing the exposure to the allergens present in natural latex. All of Quantum’s chlorinated powder free gloves contain 50 micrograms or less of total water extractable protein per gram—the lowest claim allowed by the FDA.

The second method of manufacturing powder free latex is polymer coating. Instead of using powder as a donning agent, the gloves are coated with a polymer that acts as a non-stick surface to more easily don the gloves.